Welcome to CPCSG - eliminating the fear

CPCSG was established in 2005 on the initiative of the Urology surgical and nursing staff at Wycombe Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Close links with the clinicians are an essential part of our structure, the clinicians play an active part in our organisation, always ensuring that patient confidentiality is maintained.


Who we are?


We are a patient-led group which was formed in 2005. Our two main aims are:


- To confer non-medical information and support based on our own experiences to men, their partners and families affected by prostate cancer.


- To raise awareness of the consequences of prostate cancer in our area to encourage men to seek out early diagnosis.


Our group includes Health Care Professionals. We also have links to other support groups, charities and the wider medical profession, to share information and help us to continue to improve the quality of support we offer.


What do we do do?


We talk to individuals and members to their families who would like to know more about what it is like the live with prostate cancer.


We hold a number of meetings per year in Wycombe Hospital where we invite specialists to talk to us about a range of prostate cancer issues.


We give talks to a wide range of local groups about our personal experiences of prostate cancer and about our work.


We have displays in shopping centres and at local events to promote awareness of prostate cancer and the work we do.


Why you should contact us?


Learning that you have cancer initially is a massive shock.


Doctors and nurses have a lot of experience of telling people they have cancer. However, people with or who have had cancer have an understanding of how sufferers and their families feel about it.


A lot of men are reluctant to talk about medical conditions or to seek medical help and support even when faced with such a life changing experience. However many men find  they gain a lot of comfort, confidence and encouragement form talking to other men who are either living with or who have been cured of prostate cancer.


Do you want to know more?


We would be very pleased to hear from you or see you at our meetings, whether you are a man who would like to know more about prostate cancer, a man living with the illness or the man's partner, family and friends.