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1. Title


The name of the organisation shall be the “Chilterns Prostate Cancer Support Group”, hereinafter called “the Charity”.


2. Administration


Subject to the matters set out below the Charity and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this Constitution by the members of the Committee, constituted by Clause 5 of this Constitution.


3. Objects


3.1 The Charity’s objects are:

3.1.1 To offer confidential support and information to all men affected by Prostate Cancer and their partners, carers, relatives and friends.

3.1.2 To increase awareness of Prostate Cancer within the local area


3.2 The Charity’s aims are:

3.2.1 To provide opportunities for all members to support each other, their carers and others affected by the disease in the Chilterns area as a personal and complementary service to that offered by the medical profession and by sharing experiences of treatments currently available.

3.2.2 To give priority to self-support for cancer sufferers by promoting social activity and providing time for this at members’ and open meetings.

3.2.3 To help to raise the awareness of Prostate Cancer issues, both locally and nationally, and to address the questions of a mass screening/monitoring programme and counselling.

3.2.4 To work in close co-operation with Hospital and Medical practitioners and Health Care Professionals.


3.3 In furtherance of these objects and aims, the Charity shall:

3.3.1 Define clear objectives.

3.3.2 Be run to meet members’ needs in a clear and accountable manner.

3.3.3 Support and train helpers and volunteers as necessary.

3.3.4 Recognise and observe strict confidence in all individual cases.

3.3.5 Approach all individual discussions with sensitivity.

3.3.6 Provide emotional support and factual information based on the personal experiences of members (but will not give medical advice or make medical recommendations, these being solely the province of the medical profession and social services).

3.3.7 Offer support in cases of loss.

3.3.8 Raise funds to support the work of the Charity.


4. Membership


4.1 Individual membership shall be open to:

4.1.1 Patients who are having or have had treatment for Prostate Cancer.

4.1.2 Individuals who are members of his family or friends.

4.1.3 Carers for a person with Prostate Cancer.

4.1.4 Any other individual who may be affected by or with Prostate Cancer.

4.1.5 Health Care Professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment or research into Prostate Cancer


4.2 Honorary members, an Honorary President and/or a Patron, nominated by the Committee, may be elected at a General meeting in a non-voting capacity, and may attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

4.3 Every individual member shall have one vote at an AGM or EGM.

4.4 Membership shall be free.

4.5 A member may resign their membership at any time by written notification to the Secretary

4.6 Should the actions of any member, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the interests of the Charity,

4.7 Termination of membership shall be by resolution passed at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), by a two-thirds majority of the votes of those members present.


5. Committee


5.1 Membership – Committee and Officers

5.1.1 At the Annual General Meeting of the Charity, the members shall elect from among themselves Officers comprising a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting, and who will form the Committee of the Charity, together with the appointed local Area Representatives and not more than ten additional Committee members.

5.1.2 In the event that insufficient members offer themselves for election to the Committee, the Committee may co-opt individuals by a majority vote of the Committee. The number of co-opted members shall never exceed one third of the Committee.

5.1.3 The elected Officers plus two other elected Committee members, appointed by the Committee, shall be the Trustees of the Charity.

5.1.4 Elected Officers shall hold office for a term of one year, after which they may offer themselves for re-election. The Chairman is not eligible for election for a fourth successive term in office.

5.1.5 The proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number.

5.1.6 No person under the age of 18 years shall be elected to the Committee.

5.1.7 A member of the Committee shall cease to hold office in the event of: Inability to continue by reason of ill-health. A written notification to the Committee of a wish to resign, but only if at least three members of the Committee remain in office until the next AGM.

5.1.8 Elected Officers are empowered to act on any matter affecting the Charity where a decision is required before the next Committee meeting.


5.2 Committee Powers

In furtherance of the objects of the Charity, but not otherwise, the Committee may exercise the following powers:

5.2.1 Power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions to be able to carry out its aims, providing that in raising funds, the Committee shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law.

5.2.2 Power to buy, take on lease, or exchange, any property necessary for the achievement of the objects and to maintain and equip it for use.

5.2.3 Power, subject to any consents required by law, to sell, lease, or dispose of all or any part of the property of the Charity.

5.2.4 Power, subject to any consents required by law, to borrow money and to charge all or part of the property of the Charity with repayment of the money so borrowed.

5.2.5 Power to employ such staff (who shall not be members of the Committee), as are necessary for the proper pursuit of the objects and to make all reasonable and necessary provision for the payments of pensions and superannuation for such staff and their dependents.

5.2.6 Power to co-operate with other Charities, voluntary bodies, and statutory authorities operating in the furtherance of the objects or of similar charitable purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.

5.2.7 Power to establish or support any charitable trusts, associations, or institutions formed for all or any of the objects.

5.2.8 Power to appoint and constitute such advisory committees as the Committee may think fit.

5.2.9 Power to do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievements of the objects.

5.2.10 Power to make available information and literature on the disease, and details of locally available resources. Many new sufferers will be anxious for information that they may wish to consider in private, but may not know the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), be too embarrassed to ask for more information, or may not have access to the internet.


5.3 Committee Proceedings

5.3.1 Committee meetings shall be held at least four times per year and will be chaired by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, or in their absence, by another Officer of the Committee with the approval of the remaining Committee members.

5.3.2 A quorum will consist of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, one other Officer, and three Committee members.

5.3.3 Every matter shall be decided by a majority of votes of the Committee. In the event of equal votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

5.3.4 The Secretary, or in his absence another Officer, shall keep minutes of General meetings, and the proceedings of each Committee and sub-committee in a book specified for the purpose, to be signed off as a true record at each subsequent meeting.

5.3.5 The Committee may appoint sub-committees as and when necessary to undertake specific areas of work. Each sub-committee shall report to the Committee and shall be provided with terms of reference.




6.1 The Charity’s accounts shall run from 1st April to 31st March each year.

6.2 All monies shall be administered by the Treasurer who will pay incoming monies into a Bank account held in the name of the Charity, and shall arrange, in consultation with the Committee, for the proper investment of any available balance. The Treasurer shall account to the Committee for all monies.

6.3 The funds belonging to the Charity shall be applied only in furtherance of the aims of the Charity.

6.4 The Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual statement of accounts at the AGM.

6.5 The Treasurer shall arrange the annual independent examination or audit of the statement of account prior to the AGM, if it should be a mandatory requirement.

6.6 Any withdrawals from the Charity’s Bank account shall be against the signatures of two of the following: Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman, Vice-Chairman or any other Officer as may be required by the rules of the Bank.


6.7 Expenses:

6.7.1 Travelling expenses shall be available for Committee Members travelling on the Charity’s business (and for other members), by application to and agreement by the Committee, as follows: Car: at a predetermined mileage rate up to the maximum allowance published by HMRC. Public transport (rail, bus, etc): on production of receipts, at the most economical rates.

6.7.2 Other expenses shall not be usually available for Committee Members, except in special circumstances on application to the Treasurer, for Committee approval against receipts.

6.7.3 Other administrative expenditure, e.g. postal, telephones, venue rentals, publicity, stationery, internet, social, and fund-raising functions, shall be approved by the Committee against budget forecasts.




7.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.1.1 The AGM will be held during April of each year, for which at least 14 days prior notice shall be given. Notice may be given by electronic mail, by letter and by a notice on the notice board in the Urology Department at Wycombe Hospital.

7.1.2 The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman shall preside, or in the absence of both, a chairman of the meeting shall be elected by the meeting.

7.1.3 A quorum shall consist of the Chairman, or Vice-Chairman, one other Officer, and three members.

7.1.4 Reports shall be presented from the Chairman, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. Officers unable to attend shall submit a written report to the Chairman before the meeting.

7.1.5 Election of the Committee, as defined in Para 5.1 above shall take place, with nominations submitted in writing or from the floor, subject to the nominees’ agreement.

7.1.6 Approval shall be given to the appointment of Bankers, independent examiners and/or auditors (where mandatory), who shall be independent of the Charity.

7.1.7 Any other business, to be received in writing by the Chairman from any member at least 10 days before the AGM.

7.1.8 Each member present shall have one vote on each motion put to the AGM. A resolution will require a simple majority. In the event of equal votes, the Chairman will have the casting vote. All votes shall be taken on a show of hands by members present, unless the meeting decides otherwise.


7.2 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

7.2.1 An EGM may be held when a written request is made to the Secretary by not less than ten members who must specify the matter to be considered by the membership. Such request should be of such significant nature requiring a decision before the next AGM

7.2.2 An EGM may be called by the Committee where a matter of significant nature needs to be addressed by the membership before the next AGM

7.2.3 A quorum shall consist of the Chairman, or Vice-Chairman, one other Officer and eight members

7.2.4 Each member present shall have one vote on each motion put to the EGM. A resolution will require a simple majority. In the event of equal votes, the Chairman will have the casting vote. All votes shall be taken on a show of hands by members present, unless the meeting decides otherwise.




8.1 The Charity may only be dissolved at the AGM or at an EGM called for that purpose. The motion to dissolve must be carried by a three-quarters majority of those present and voting.

8.2 Prior to a vote for or against dissolution, the meeting shall decide how the assets of the Charity shall be disposed of in the event of a motion to dissolve being carried.

8.3 In the event of dissolution, donation of the Charity’s assets to a Prostate Cancer Charity shall be a first consideration.




9.1 Any proposal to alter or amend the Constitution must be approved at the AGM or an EGM called for that purpose.

9.2 Such a proposal shall be accompanied by a copy of the relevant section of the existing constitution and the proposed alteration or amendment to the documentation for the AGM or the EGM.


This Constitution was agreed by the Committee and adopted, following a majority vote of approval given by the registered membership present at the General Meeting held on this date, the 11th day of February 2010.